File: 08733770042021.38 - Atomic Energy Group - Caldari Cosmos Constellation Intelligence Report - Status: De-Classified
System Location Item / Spawn Max Spawn Max Enter
Airmia Contested Caldari Lai Dai Refinery / Warp In Encoded Lai Dai Reports, Nugoeihuvi Dogtags. Propel Dynamics Dogtags, Wyrkomi Items Cruise Cruise
Airmia Contested CLDR / Guristas Spy Field Spurs, Punk ID Slice, Outlaw Tags, Guristas Hacking Plex Cruise Cruise
Airmia Contested CLDR / Plagioclaise Field Miner(Maniac Cruiser), Kusan Niemenen's Missile Launcher, Parts of Printing, Pakkori's Hat, Nugoeihuvi riffles, Drifter Spurs, Outlaw Tags, Enc.Lai Dai Reps(nugo defender/unknown cruiser) Cruise Cruise
Airmia Contested CLDR / Scordite Field Miner(Maniac Cruiser), Ancient Weapon(Storage Silos), Spurs Cruise Cruise
Friggi Contested Caldari Mining facilities Shady Acres Deed(Black Mask Bandits), Caldari Navy Convoy Logs, Pansya's Head(Pansya)Nugoeihuvi Transaction Log, Guristas Hacking Plex BS BC
Ihakana State and Region Bank   Zvarin Karsha(Hovering Near S&R Bank), Gunslinger Spurs(Most BS anywhere) BS ANY
Otitoh Planet VI - Moon III Cheri Mirei's DNA(The Duke), Drifter Spurs Cruise ANY
Otitoh Planet VI - Moon II - Makele's Hideout(Gate) Makele's Tag(Makele Kordonii), Bandit, Drifter, Outlaw, Marauder Spurs Cruise ANY
Otitoh Ihakana Gate  Bai Tarziiki((A few hundred k off the gate)Bai's Corpse), Spurs Cruise ANY
Otitoh Planet VII - Moon V Sheriff Togany, Spurs - WARNING - Faction standing loss incurred for destroying Sheriff Togany: .018% Cruise ANY
Otitoh Urigamu's Warehouse Spurs, Construction tools  Cruise BS
Otitoh Kazka bandit hideout Planet VII - Moon IXX  Goru's Shuttle, Spurs, Jakon's head(randomly) Cruise ANY
Otitoh Devils Dig Infested Excavation Site Talocan Analyzer Plex - 2 Stage with 2nd requiring Key(ancient totem found in area 1) - both areas can be warped to via BM Drone BS
Otomainen Rush Town Ruins - Otomainen V Mining Ops  Ratei Jezzor(Ratei's Insignia), Ikmani's Insignia(Markus Ikmani), Jorek Lephny(Lephny's Mining Barge), Mining Outpost(Drill Parts) BS BS
Otomainen Tsunas Private Compund - (Keyed, Tsuna's Passcard, or BM) Viral Agents(Science Labs), Science Graduates(Science Labs-Random) - WARNING - Faction standing loss incurred for destroying the Science Labs: .8%! -Standing loss also incurred for destroying Caldari vessels inside Tsunas. BS BS
Otomainen Kazka Casino Planet XI - Moon VI Spurs Cruise ANY
Otomainen Kazka Black Market Hub Planet II - Moon I Spurs Cruise BS
Otomainen Ghatti Zhara Residence - Asteroid Belt XIII Ghatti's DNA(Ghatti Zhara) BS ANY
Otomainen Asteroid Belt VIII-1 Payo Ming(15 Raytio Family Supplies), cruiser/frig(Random 1 Raytio Family Supply each), Spurs, Scanner Data II, III(also and mostly located in ANY belt) BS ANY
Otomainen Contested Guristas Outrider post Loki's DNA(Loki Machedo -Prison, Third gate), Manchura Todaki(Manchura's logs, Manchura's Tag), Zaphiria Oddin(Jedon Hekkiren's Belongings- Initial warp in) - Myrkai's Data Chip, Spurs, Illian Gara(Illian's Passcard), Bonus Gate(Keyed to Illian's Passcard) - Guristas Shuttle BS BS
Sakkikainen Planet VI - Moon II Drifter Spurs, Marauder Spur, Bandit spurs Cruise ANY
Sakkikainen Contested Kazka Headquarters Quao Kale, Broken Bug Device(Dyklan Harrikar), Bag of Counterfiet Credits(Dry Rivergang Members), Spurs, Kepheur's Keycard(Tai Pai Motow) - Talocan Analyzing Plex, Assistant's Keychain Cruise Destry
Report compiled Primarily by ATO Intelligence, assisted via supporting local COSMOS Informants, and Pilots. [resources also include #Okkelen Archeology, Eveinfo, Eve-Online] -This listing will update untill complete. For more information join channels: #Cosmos #Okkelen Archeology, #Araz. -Best viewed out of game, sorry -Kurapica